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Blog Management Service

Maintaining an active company blog is one of the most important factor for getting your website ranked in the search engines like Google. If you are a business and are having set number of pages in your website which are not being updated for years, there are chances that your website might loose its ranking.

The blogs on the other hand add new content to the website making it a active and regularly updated website. Also, the topics that the blogs will be based on will be on-or-around the core sector/idea of your business. This will give you more topics/keywords to rank for and intern will increase your business exposure to the world of internet.

3 Major Steps with focus areas in each step

Our Multi-Disciplinary Project Development

Unterstanding the Client/Business
Our promise at this stage:
  • 1. Strong research and in-depth focus on the business core topic.
  • 2. Commitment to quality.
  • 3. Affordable & cost effective.
Research and Writing
Our promise at this stage:
  • 1. 100% Unique blogs.
  • 2. Beautiful Images/videos added based on topics.
  • 3. SEO friendly blogs.
Publishing and Social Media
Our promise at this stage:
  • 1. Blog live for visiters to read.
  • 2. Cross-platform distribution of blog content.
  • 3. Answering questions related to your business on QnA web portals.

Technologies/Tools we work on:

We expertise in a wide range of programming langauges which enables us to produce these world class projects that our clients love.

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